• Does your brand strategy include social and e-marketing?

  • Tired of being part of the social media clutter?

  • Are you on top of your brand’s SWOT plan?

  • How fast do you want your brand to go viral?

  • Want to kill two birds with one stone and feel great about it?

  • How visible is your brand in the online world?

  • Start from having a website or domain. Always remember that creative with strategy is called advertising.

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  • We’ll offer you with brilliant solutions for your audience to locate your brand with ease at the right click.

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  • We’ve got the right capacity for brand monitoring to make sure you’ve got the right traffic and stay a leader in your market segment.

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  • We provoke positive and interactive dialogues around your brand where you can achieve success in the e-market space.

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  • Achieve brand utility and savvy marketing at the touch of a button.

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  • We get folks talking about your brand by making it fun & memorable

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We get folks talking about your brand by making it fun & memorable

Qube intends to build long lasting relationships between brands and audiences by creating creative campaigns that resonate with audiences.

We provide brands with specialist solutions and support on matters digital, through the use of New Media to create direct communication platforms to the customers.

Lets bring your ideas to life

The Qube team thinks outside the box

Qube Team

Our aim is to be the best fully fledged digital agency in Kenya & East Africa

As a forward thinking digital agency, we like to think we not only improve our clients' brands but their work life balance as well, thanks to the quality of service we provide.

Lets bring your ideas to life


Mediums we use to get significant impact on brands


Getting online is the easy part. How long you retain interest with your audience by enhancing the user experience in a creative and engaging way is another story—actually, the main story.


Thousands of brands are out there offering the same service as you and giving the same promise. What you want is your site to be on top of the pile whenever your audience hits the search button. That's because at the top, is where the cream is always found.


Being online is an investment; you expect returns. We monitor and measure traffic and user behavior, crunch out the numbers, and make them make sense to you.


Mobile enabled websites and applications such as SMS and WAP advertising are part of engaging brand experiences that put your message right in the hands of your audience. That way, your brand’s call to action never goes unanswered.

Digital Advertising

In the online world, it pays to be visible. Whether it’s in search rankings, social media, or on banners, make technology and expertise your allies in the never-ending battle for eyeballs and see your brand soar.

Social Media

Your brand cannot be liked if it cannot be seen. It cannot be seen if it doesn’t stand out. Creating valuable connections and getting the conversations going is what sets you apart, making you one with your audience, at the same time.

Brands we love

We’ve made significant impact on brands by using the fun & positive approach

Crown Paints Kenya
Antarc Furniture
Daawat Rice
Nuvita Biscuits

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